I’m a writer whose passion is historical fiction. My debut novel, The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge, will be published in February 2018 by Hachette Australia. It is set in mid-west Western Australia during the Depression.

Photo credit: Katie Bennett, Embellysh / Hachette Australia

I am a Western Australian, though I now live in the eastern states. My parents married in Delhi. Hence my name Kali, destroyer of worlds. It was the seventies. I led a peripatetic childhood, growing up in rural England, Abu Dhabi, Algeria and Indonesia.

As an adult I continued to roam, and lived and worked in Bangladesh and Indigenous Australia as an anthropologist.

My journey towards being a writer has been circuitous, following a lengthy interruption. After studying first year creative writing at Curtin University, I left Australia at 17 so that I could have ‘life experience’ to write about. There was a little too much grist, and I didn’t put pen to paper again until I wrote my unpublished manuscript Songs of All Poets, which was selected for the QWC / Hachette Australia Manuscript Development  Program in 2015.

I am currently studying creative writing at The University of Queensland, supervised by the inimitable Kim Wilkins. And I have two beautiful and utterly ratbag children.

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