Sunday Circle #4

What have I been working on this week?

The first of my beta readers’ critiques began to roll in this week. I initially sent out my manuscript to 8 writers, mostly from my Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program cohort. Now, with 3 responses, I can roughly gauge how much more work I have to do on the structural edit of An Emu War (provisional title). But the 3 responses have been so vastly different.

When I first learnt to write via critique of my writing on an online writing website, I would make every change suggested. With a little more insight into the craft and technique of writing, the conventions of genre, and a handle of my own writing style, I find myself able to better discern which changes should be implemented, and which should be considered only if it is consistently picked up by others.

So until I receive all the feedback from my 8 beta readers I am not going to make any major changes. Instead I have been going through the manuscript copy pasting comments.

What’s inspiring me this week?

My fellow writing community. Not only can you find beta readers among like-minded friends, but they can offer support that only other writers know how to give. This week I was massively inspired by my local friendship / writers’ group. We’re not that kind of writing group–we don’t write together or even provide critique or feedback on manuscripts. But a group of 5 of us Brisbane women writers get together for monthly lunches, and share our angst about the writing, editing, publishing process.

Being a writer is incredibly isolating. Every writer should have a group of friends with whom you can swap distribution stories, offer agent introductions, impart pearls of wisdom, and drink midday wines.

What part of my project am I avoiding?

The same as last week and the week before. Though it is easier to ignore plotting my next book when I finally have something to go on with for my structural edit.

What have you been writing this week?

What is Sunday Circle all about?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Circle #4

    1. I am super lucky to have so many people offer to read for me. Being selected in the QWC program was the single best thing to happen to springboard me into being a writer.

      Thanks, Fi.


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