Sunday Circle #2


What have I been working on this week?

Having handed off my manuscript to beta readers last week, I found myself adrift. I half-heartedly started researching the next part of my work-in-progress set in 1958-1963. I used Trove digitised newspaper archives to make lists of crime terminology in the 50s, and funny expressions of the time. I particularly like “as popular as a leprosy epidemic”. I have also been looking towards my next manuscript, which I’ll be writing as part of my research higher degree. I am thinking of drawing on Golden Age detective fiction tropes, so have been researching these and have started making notes from a biography of Agatha Christie.

But it was just too damn hot to do anything else.

What’s inspiring me this week?

I have a queue of manuscript ideas, but those pesky characters are getting impatient. The next manuscript after the Golden Age one keeps coming to me in scene-like day dreams. Especially while I read Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. The love triangle there had me pinging with ideas, and I had to keep putting the book down every few pages to write out my notes. I probably won’t get back to them until 2019 so they had to be quite detailed.

What part of my project am I avoiding?

It seems a topsy turvy way to write, but I have more fleshed-out characters, plot points, and scenes for my 4th novel in the queue than I do for my work-in-progress, the second. I have already written 30,000 words of this manuscript but it is the most ‘pantsing’ I’ve done with a novel. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen and I feel a little reluctant to face up to this fact and start plotting.

Next week, I promise. As long as it cools down.

What have you been writing this week?

What is Sunday Circle all about?


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