Sunday Circle #1

img_06791Last year I followed Sophie Overett’s Sunday Circle series, an idea she got from local Brisbane writer, Peter Ball, to check in each Sunday answering three questions about their writing week. I made a resolution to do the same in 2017 as I have a sneaking feeling I will have my finger in many writing pies. Deadlines and milestones will be critical and I need to make myself accountable.

What have I been working on this week?

With the kids away I’ve hunkered down for a mini writing retreat at home, sans regular showers or mealtimes. I am currently working on the structural edit of my novel to be released in February next year.

After the initial deconstruction of the story, with frantic brainstorming and hand wringing, I pieced most of it back together before Christmas. This week I have done two read-throughs massaging out the knots. On the second read-through, I changed the font, and it is incredible the number of typos I picked up.

Last night, I sent the manuscript to my beta readers. Was I happy with it? No. I’m sitting here cringing at the idea of people reading it.

What’s inspiring me this week?

I’ve had plenty of time for reading as well. I have heard of weird authors who don’t like to read while they’re writing in case they become ‘contaminated’. I especially like to read more when I am in the thick of my story. Reading other people’s stories simultaneously with my own, I often find a solution I didn’t know I was looking for. It could be in the structure or characterisation, or maybe even just a mot juste.

So I’ve read a lot this week for inspiration and to escape the relentless demands of a major edit.

I also watched a bit of TV, which I don’t normally get to do when the kids are around. I caught up on ABC’s Barracuda, loosely based on Christos Tsiolkas’ book. I couldn’t help but make mental notes on structure and plot points.

What part of my project am I avoiding?

Hmmm… This is a tough question as I have been so busy with singular focus on my novel this week. To be honest, I am probably avoiding the idea that my beta readers might point out glaring characterisation faults or plot holes. I need a break from this manuscript for a little while!

Join in with the Sunday Circle and comment on what you have been writing this week.


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