Playing Bingo in 2016

So weird. I went to open up my current manuscript on my computer as I do every morning, but had to restrain myself. I finished the first draft last night.

And the saddest part is I didn’t even get to finish my bingo card.


Word Count Bingo is a wonderful writing motivational tool I learned from my writing mentor Kim Wilkins. I used it throughout NaNoWriMo and again in December. Excitement mounted as I crossed off whole lines and I thought of upping the count for January only to be hit with the realisation I won’t be writing fresh new words until June 2016.

I love first drafts.

Writing ‘The End’ for the second time was a subdued affair. I knew I could get there, it didn’t feel like reaching the summit of Mt Everest. Apart from the fact that I now knew how the story ended, I hate writing second (through to eighth) drafts. It’s a different kind of writing that I’ll be doing in the first half of 2016:

  • a final draft of Songs of All Poets to resubmit to Hachette Australia.
  • at least two more drafts of An Emu War, incorporating research from my upcoming trip to Dongara in February and working on continuity and character development.

Quality rather than quantity; a bingo card is of little use. 😦

The second half of 2016 looks exciting.

  • Finish a manuscript I started earlier in 2015 (2 months of bingo cards);
  • Write a novella to flesh out a character’s back story for a future ms (1 bingo card);
  • Write at least 3 short stories to submit to competitions (more of a New Year’s Resolution for me, not sure how this one will go, I’m not a natural short story writer);
  • Research my fourth ms — I have two story ideas vying for this spot at present, though several others are jostling in the queue behind them.

What are your writing plans for 2016?


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