Over 35? Can’t enter the Vogel’s unpub ms award?

When Murray Middleton won the Vogel’s literary award last month, it was said the award was a launching pad for some very successful Australian authors. When I asked Allen & Unwin, the publishing company behind the award, what hope there was for over 35s–whether there was space or impetus in the Australian literary culture for an over-35s award–they paraphrased Middleton’s comment, that the award acted as a ticking clock for writers to complete their manuscript.

What about those of us who, for reasons such as child rearing, divorce, work responsibilities, low self-esteem, etc etc etc, don’t pick up a pen or put fingers to the keyboard until well after 35…ahem…approaching 40, even?

Are there opportunities to put our unpublished work before a publisher, achieve recognition and hopefully a contract, or at the very least, snag a prestigious mentorship??


Here are a few I’ve tracked down, and I’ll be throwing The Songs of All Poets into every one of these rings.

And two international unpub ms awards, judged by UK literary agents,open to Australians:

In addition, I submitted a novella today to this competition:

There are opportunities out there for over 35s late blooming emerging writers.


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