And They All Lived Happily Ever After

There must be a graph somewhere in those trillions of ‘how to write’ books with a bell curve showing the correlation between enthusiasm to write and where the writer is ‘at’ in the book.

Like right now, post-climax – even anticlimax – and only 9,000 words to go, I am struggling with two possibilities.

1) Finish writing the story according to my Scrivener outline, playing out the resolution of minor characters’ story lines; or

2) Write one chapter, set years later, summarising the happy resolution.

The climax was raw and emotional for me as the writer. I felt wrung out, exhausted, and after more than 90,000 words, well and truly ready to call it a day.

I would have gone with number 2 but for the wise advice from my writer community. It’s only the first draft! Write more than I have to. I can summarise chapters in subsequent drafts, rewrite story lines, choose to leave ends loose, remove minor characters altogether.

But I cannot do any of this until I have poured out everything from my head onto paper.

So 9,000 tedious words of resolution coming right up.


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